we drove past the house I used to live in in San Francisco.  It was known as "the Howard House"
but it wasn't so much 'house' as 'total shit hole'
It was a skate-house in every sense of the word.  Moldy bathrooms, pyramids of beer cans, 
mice in the kitchen, skateboards lining the hall.  It was a very fun time though

smiths reference found in a piss stained corner of an ally


Gaberman visited us

The hotel we stayed at was very nice, they even had TV's in the elevators

Elissa was like "March of the Penguins! Have you seen it!  Oh you're blowing it, we have to watch!"

"this is the part where they have to roll an egg for 75 miles!"

      "Doesn't this thing have a volume button?"

we stayed in the elevator for a long time,
Elissa narrated loudly oblivious to all the passengers coming in and out

Elissa explaining to
Alexis the finer points of penguin migration

we must have gone up and down 30 times

       In the van she drew me a tattoo

she drew a swallow deep and blue and soon everyone knew