This was the end of trip team dinner.  Did I mention I was on tour with like 18 girls?

This is Sarah, the first day I asked her what sport she did, expecting her to say like
wake boarding or some shit, she answered "motorcross,"  damn, now I feel presumptuous.
And she's gnarly, she wins races, can jump 100 ft, and beats all the dudes. 

after dinner I invited everyone to a party I was heading to in the Mission.  It was
a total Nor Cal Barney-fest with terrible ratios.  So I was like David Lee Roth rolling
up with two vans filled with hot girls.

In the bar we met that guy


Can I get some Trife coverage?  I mean, you owe me for usage of the word "epicly"
Did you know that "epicly" is not even a real word?  I could only find it listed in the
dictonary as "epically"

Toad was there

so was Mehring, look at that girl's heart hand sign in the background, look how she loves Jon

Dan's grown his hair out!

Herb and Mary.  Mary was one of the surfers on our trip.  I went to her house and she had like 30 surfboards.


Jerry H.S.University!


Yeah Ocean!

John Trippe of Fecal Face fame.  John and Ocean and I used to live at the Howard House together.

        Matching death at one's elbows



Nor Cal pisser

JVR and Lauren.

sad Jerry, he had kinda Nor Cal gear on, flannel and beanie, but then off-setted with
a very uber jacket.  We decided on having the Enjoi video premier in Dusseldorf btw.

Jon said "have you seen my skull face?"

I always loved you, you always had a lot of style
I'd hate to see you on the pile of nearly made-its

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