I was starting to think my phone was broken, I asked someone "try and call my phone because
it doesn't seem to be ringing... oh ok, now it works,  but earlier calls must not have been getting
through, because it seemed like no one was calling.  Weird."

Tonight I saw a friend of mine's band play.  They were very good. 

...and went to the stupid Fish again, drank stupid club soda, and helped Manute figure out his
deal regarding possible vectors.  But there was a party near stupid by and when it ended the Fish
filled with people that like parties.  I didn't bother to go because I hate places where there's a line
unless it's a rollercoaster, and I have trouble justifying my coolness at the door... what could
I even say; "Yeah, you should totally let me in 'cause I make this awesome on-line journal,
sometimes I fill out Myspace quizzes, totally cool, totally cool, totally cool... yeah... you could
say on Myspace that I got at least 500 friends, so ahhh, are you going to let me in or what?"

Sorry to be so self-deprecating, I guess I have insomnia on the wrong side of bed this night. 

crowded the hall with stock women parts...

...felt a bad vibe kick in just then, things seemed to smolder, enclosing us in.

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