Max Fish held the Guitar Battle of 2005

Basically all the Max Fish locs with epic axe shredding abilities were invited to compete in a
face melting face off of epicness. 

Dan manned the grill and grilled hot dogs free for everybody (by 'grill' I mean 'pot of water').

Carrie, Manute and I were chosen as judges, although none of us actually play guitars we were
each born with a special gift for deciphering and judging epicness.  I mean, we don't need to play
guitar ourselves, just as the Westminster judges are not actually dogs. 

Here is the mystery master of ceremonies.

and Manute's low card diet.

there's Dr. Cho, Andre, Merks and Athena

The Mystery Man laid it down first and although he lacked slightly in soloing ability
he more than made up for it in spectacular pyrotechnics.  That gets big points with this judge.

the crowd was duly stoked

Jaleel was one of the most epic players of the evening... he could have won if he wasn't
distracted with actually having to bartend at the same time.

This is De Joir... I think that is his name... he got second place and it was a painful decision
to have to pick between the finalists. 

But Chris Maxwell won... he is Max Fish 2005 Guitar Champ and King!  He was awesome

then I went to Swayze with Athena...

Fat Bill

I was just still riding the guitar solo juice all the way into the night.... there's Jessie.

We rock at dawn on the front line like a bolt right out of the blue
The sky's alight with the guitar bite, heads will roll and rock tonight
For those about to rock, we salute you

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