One of the things I do on typical day is sit on the couch and bother Mikey Bones at Ludlow
Guitars...  that guitar looks like Slash's... did anyone ever find his top hat?  Did you hear it
was stolen?  Slash and Abraham Lincoln are the only two people ever born that look cool
in a top hat.

Tonight I went to 5-0's house and watched Anchorman... The Academy Awards were on, but I
wasn't going to be like "turn off this epic bro cinema classic for the Oscars"
I would watch it if they had "Best Feature in the Category of Bro Cinema" and
"Best Broseph Actor"...
I would give the first award to Napoleon D and the second award to Jack Black...
"Best Brosetta" I would give to Christina Applegate for Anchorman. 
Can I really start this?  Call it "The Browards" maybe?  I'm claiming I'm on to something...
but it's 4:30AM as I type this so what do I know?


Shit, I had to meet Bernie at Pink Pony for a mandate heart to heart.  Total buzzkill btw. 
He's one of my oldest friends but he's kinda depressed and drinks too much. 

He was drinking and crying and being loud... just feeling sorry for himself.

Then he nodded off for a minute

But Des showed up and she thought he was cute and made out with him!  Eww weird! 
I guess girls like these sensitive yet cruel troubled bad boy types..

But he was too drunk to make-out and he passed out on the table again...

Man-Alive showed up and had sketchy man-onnaise stains on his sweat shirt. 
There is a pretty epic story to this but it ventures into non-material vectors...

Then I went to Sway and I took this photo just so I could say "Choverload" in the caption.

There's Eddie and Aviva. 

And there is the lovely Lizzy.

and there again with Matt Creed I think...  all the fedora guys look the same. 

One should walk the way one needs
and when the way is crooked one bends

Out that evening it makes me sick to think
You put your hands up as if to say
'I won't be part of what you do'

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