Tonight I was Backwards Guy, in this photo I'm facing the door,
It's another of my typical last minute crappy costumes. 

Marc Razo as Nigel


Lewis as a Mexican Morrissey fan!

Leon as Jewish

A-ron as Captain Puerto Rico maybe

Meryl getting eaten by a shark

My boss and wife as newly deads

Andre and Athena

70's Bob Dylan

Amy as a cat lover

Man-Alive as like something out of King's Quest V

Tino and Desiree as King Diamond and Mercyful Fate, different phases of the same dude

Boy Scout and Backwards Guy


When Doves Cry

Jay as a guy in the army

Trilby as a bloody bride

Eniko as a dream catcher

Manute is wearing a boa

Lucy as Willie Nelson

Liane with some teeth

Cindy as something i'm sure, probably from a movie

Aviva as a femi-nazi

Camille as Patti Hearst

some guy as an ipod


I wear my silence like a mask
and murmur like a ghost
"Trick or Treat"

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