the newlyweds at home...

we are starting a new tradition where the day after the wedding the groom has to go with his drinking buddies to another
country for a brideless honeymoon, a broneymoon if you will.

We drove to Newark... ben forgot his passport and made a roundtrip back.

holy smokes!  Look who's on our flight!  Randoms...

Today is the 4th of July btw, did they shoot the fireworks through the rain? 

this reminds me of the airplane when Bart Simpson flew to France, remember that?

Lisbon at dawn!  A-Ron went on to Barcelona...

we got to the hotel but we couldn't get rooms so we wandered around the city

the boy band

then we went to the hotel pool

I recall a big black bird
he flapped his wings, the sound was heard over the town,
when he pounced on me
I wasn't breathing

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