this is my intern Matt... I can't believe I have an intern!

Why don't you go ahead and organize that box of pictures... I'm going to watch Unsolved Mysteries

Oh and then weird surprise phone call, I was needed to dj a fashion show... Lizzy M hooked it up
The designer was Jasmin Shokrian... I went in a played songs while she worked... and fortunately
she liked all the songs I picked... "how about Army Dreamers for when they're walking and Sorrow
for the finale?"  "Yes, perfect"

I was djing right here and almost too nervous to take this picture, people were yelling in the
headset about shoes and stuff, and I was afraid I was going to fuck up the whole show
but I pulled it off, thank god

yeah we'll die in the class we were born
that's a class of our own my love

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