snowy day

Mike Bones at Lit

Jack Wall's dinner party at Bacaro.  The first time I met Jack Walls, he came up to me at the Hole and was like "you spray painted on me last week!"
I assured him I didn't, and he was like "Yes you did!  You're Dash aren't you?"  I assured him that I was not Dash either.  I guess this was before him
and Dash became BFF's.  Though I do remember the night where Dash and TIno were spray painting on people.  I think that was before I was bloggin.

lots of kissing and affection tonight

thanks Natasha

lots of admiring Ryan's ass

This is Jack's show at Fuse... all collages made from one Mapplethorpe photo.  Humberto says that Mapplethorpe is bigger that Van Gogh, I'm doubtful
but I know little about things like that

Erik and Barr

then downstairs, Car Clutch played with A-Ron.  Natasha and I have trouble seeing

this is the part where A-Ron sings/raps/talks/shouts people out

my friend Brandee Brown

then afterparty

Some guy that told me my shirt was soft standing with me or Alex Hawgood. I'm not even sure myself.

went to the party very discouraged
I watched the litter pile like a wall
I looked at the river just couldn't forgive it
it was ladened with all kinds of shit