I got invited to a Jack Wall's birthday dinner at Lit... ewww dinner at Lit?



Happy Birthday!

Marc had a crush on this girl

going in for the kill

this is actually what it looks like behind every photo taken on Athena's website

the subjects of said photograph

Marc going for the snacks.  I didn't touch it

Jeeze, smile in a photo for once

the girl on his lap was freaking out... she was like 'you're the greatest artist of all time,' 'you are Duchamp times 20' etc etc for an hour
It was funny, yet also kinda scary.  Jack was like 'i'm paying her to say all this'

Ben shocked by the shuffle.  Ben also has a new full time employee!  This story is totally true. 

I kicked it at Lit till 5am.  wtf.  Agathe is having a dance off starting sunday, make sure you get your dance on.

after the glow, the scene, the stage, the set
talk becomes slow but there's one thing i'll never forget:
you gotta pay your dues before you pay the rent.