P-Stone... bro'est man alive

Hot for the teacher! 

Seamus... taking a break from bossing the Birdman around

Jamsday!  Featuring the Ludlow all-stars!

OK... sometimes i'm like "making a website is gay, what am I doing? Why do I let people into my life? What the shit..." etc.
but then someone writes me an e-mail "Hey Broseph,  I got a Lies shirt, you want it?"  Dude!  So this comes in the mail
from England!  And we've all seen crappy St Marks Lies shirts that are like photocopies of the cd cover... but this one
is the real thing... and what makes it more awesome is the back of the shirt, complete with naked lady and "One In A Million" title. 
I also like that it says 'Gay Vicar,' because it kinda makes a conectsh to another band I like. 
This is the best gear I have ever had, I will never crisis again. 

Thank you Rob Pybus!!!

I'm never alone 'cause I've got myself...  yes, I imitate myself all of the time

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