Tonight we had a Birthday dinner for Jane...


Lila, Brenda and Jennie Lee number one. 

Macky, Colin, Michael and Jennie Lee number two.

Allen was way into candle lighting... Happy Birthday Jane!!!!!

Then I vector'd to the metal Ohio night.  Beth Black met me.  Congratulations to you and Justin! 
Two of my most epic friends are getting married to become one super pal. 


Same huddle different place... they were complaining there were no hot guys there and I was
thinking "what am I, chopped liver?" Damn, at least don't say it right in front of me!

Shane shredding, he's one of my most shredding friends... I once saw him get slapped by a
goth guy for gothing too epicly.

exchanging a king for your two while you're out of the room...

So have you ever met a bad winner? Well how do you do? 
Jack! Ace! Queen! King!

no.. no.. no..

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