so this is a frame from a sequence that my friend mark shot. i fall like this like 10 times a year---
not kidding. i also am told i make a very particular noise when i slam real bad.
my friends say it's the sure fire way to know i'll probably be going to the hospital.
it's not a scream, but more a cry. i would describe it as the personification of pure
disappointment and pain. like if you were messing around with your friend's gun and
accidentally shot yourself in the leg----- that feeling as a sound.

this was one of the bro-est nights ever. this photo was taken after dan and julian let me know i didn't suck.
look at me, i'm glowing! tino was looking good as usual.

after this bar closed, i looked over and caswell is getting punched in the face.
 the details are a bit hazy, but i really wanted to take his picture and i wasn't
sure if he was going to snap if i asked. but being the epic dude he is,
he turns to me later and says, "hey, you got your camera?"

dune is basically the most radical guy on earth. always on the hunt for a good time no matter what the cost.
he also just got me on WE, so prepare for epicly later'd in sweden! coming soon...

this is ed. you can't really tell here, but ed has a immune condition that prevents any hair from growing
on his body. his immune system is so hightened that it kills all his hair cells. besides the obvious plus
of looking totally insane all the time, he can't get sick.

frank outside the fish showing me jasin phares' blood. " fohgetta bout it..."

ha ha ha!

  at first there were two mexican guys spooning                     this couple seems really good together. i like the slipknot boxers with the
  here. when i came back to shoot a photo they                       safety pins.
  were gone. there bed was still cool.


people getting drunk and cutting/burning themselves is pretty retarded and unproductive,
but ali can't seem to do anything i think isn't epic.
and it's like he comes from nowhere which i think is pretty cool.

tony in some field in england.

this is my old roommate being crushed by her friend. i never really talked to her, but i had to take messages
all day from her bazillion  boyfriends. sometimes i would walk by her room late at night and hear the kinkiest
noises ever. like chains hitting the floor, spanking, etc... she also had this locked chest in her room that probably
had double headed dildos and gimp masks in it.

these russian kids were like ten years old when i took this. they're probably dead now.

                                                                            this is the son of a russian gypsy.  i caught him stealing my wallet
                                                                                                     and he got mad and tried to kick me.

just to clear up any confusion, this is a kid in columbus, ohio, not poland.

Thanks Jerry... there is a second half coming soon...