Hi guys... I've been keeping in low prof' these last few days... I would like to say sorry to Amy for missing her Birthday party at Hole Saturday night...  but you can learn about it here.
Dill is back with a new setup!
Alain at the TF... dude that's my photo turf!  Locals Only!
This is a digital photo of Tony, Frankie and I discussing how much we don't like digital photos...
Russian Lesbians? 
Rice Ruben, Manute Bol, and Fat Bill... all in one photo!
Interesting side note: Manute is good at telling the diference between mold and not mold!
and this is Jenny with a new setup...
Interesting side note:  In times of peace the head of the American eagle faces the olive branch... in times of war it faces the arrows.  When war is declared all the seals in the white house are changed. 
...and the senses being dulled are mine