Jer Bear came to town

Soty much?  We'll see... but you know who E.L. endorses. 

BTW this is Justin's wedding day

Fos, Steve Roberts and Marshall the priest

Ed and Deanna




Kutter and Alex

Donny Miller was the wedding filmer

Chris and wife

Grace!  For some reason I didn't recognize you!

the nuptials

Kiss the bride!

Oh my god!  Congratulations Justin and Beth!!!!

Jim's wedding gift is $500 cash

Joe and GF

Braydon with Aerosmith tix

Dan and Heath were at my table

jacked table

Single ladies

Dive for the garter

Steve Wins!

first dance

and I believe in Love
and I know that you do too
and I believe in some kind of path
that we can walk down, me and you