Dave has a highly toxic new drink... i guess it will kill you eventually, but so does everything. 
Carrie and Manute
Merk and Tino look like they are about to fight. The 5.9 was in effect... as well as Steve Olson and his son in the same bar. 
Andy and Bato... Bato is yelling at my sister's boyfriend on the phone.  I introduced these guys to a girl I know and I might as well have been sending her to the wolves.
So we bailed out of the 5.9 crew mess at the Fish and went to a Karaoke sesh.  Spanky's back!
Alanna and Y'alls
What it is... what it will
Dave got a new setup!
The usual suspects
Tim O'Connor drinking red wine in preperation for a competition that was beginning with Fat Bill called "The Loudest Person in the Room Challenge"
More suspects!  PJ kissed me on the lips but I assure you it was one way.
Good Night!