Out on the street I saw Marc and Amy coming from a Turkish Bath.  You can see their glow.

Then I went to Bellevue to visit Andy Kessler who shattered his hip

He was torturing the nurses and throwing shit everywhere... kinda being epic...
this food came which he didn't touch for obvious reasons. 

Tino and Manute showed up too

Then they were like "yo, are you gonna eat this?"

Dude, Andy, we're all wishing you a speedy recovery!

Later in the park, I saw these shockers! 

You people better be on drugs

Lila had an opening reception for her photo show

Her photographs are from Thailand after the tsunami, they are sad but beautiful

I almost forgot it was Cinco De Mayo... this guy reminded me

Oh, and on more bummer bro hospital news, Manute is going in for surgery on his elbow
tomorrow.  They told him not to drink after midnight so here he is pounding them back till

Su and Merks are expecting!

Don't rake up my mistakes
 I know exactly what they are
 And ... what do YOU do ?
 Well ... you just SIT THERE

I've been stabbed in the back so many many times