I woke up to this stupid yard sale ten feet from my head, they were ringing bells and shit and being real loud.

this is at 9:00AM

A few weeks ago I told Ako about this game I was obsessed with called Advance Wars, I used to play it on the Later'd Tour with
Hoisington.  Its so addictive that at the end of a six hour drive we would rather just stay in the van and keep playing.
Anyway they made a sequel, but I didn't want to buy a Game Boy DS just for one game...  So Ako surprised me with this gift...
holy shit!  Thanks!  Now I'm in a game vortex!

then we went to a Paper Magazine party where Ben was having a fashion show along with all this ewwyerweird LA stuff

more video games

"Mark!  Yo! I was just kidding about that shit! Dude! Put me on Cobrasnake again!"
I started pouring a beer on my head and rubbing my chest but the guy wouldn't take my picture...
Cory didn't even mention me on her blog... what the shit?

Whoa, awesome Simon Evans piece, he's one of my favorite skaters ever


Ben borrowed Spanky's RVCA jeans to put on the dudes, so I guess you could say it's his show too

Leo was bummed on that

Congratulations designers!


when I tried to fall asleep the neighbors were playing really loud Mariachi music, I've never been more annoyed, and that's saying
something, I'm always annoyed

theo took me to a weird place so I could buy my game


then I went to a party located at 2281 Ewwyerweird Drive

Mm, the good life lets you hide all the sadness you feel
you won't really fall in love for you can't take the chance

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