luckily for my career, a publication took me back after sleeping through a shoot a couple
months back.  I really am a responsible person I swear...

"hey you, big fat pig"

I took this picture of Andy to remember the pattern on his shirt, it's not plaid.

these three guys all happened to have the same shirt on, total coincidence.
Manute has two heads.

Dill, I'm sending you an invoice for this advertising

Leo gave me a ride on his bike (which was scary as hell)

we went to a small narrow bar and drank Presbyterians

these guys are from a band, obviously

Hostess Aviva snuck in a bottle

nice rock!  that was really the giant ice cube in my virg Presbyterian

Manute was not as skilled as I was in bike riding with Leo

they made it a few feet (this is exactly how Manute broke his elbow less than a year ago, oh well
we'll never learn)

leo got frustrated and ghost rided his bike into things

and all I wanted to say, and all I gotta do,
who’d I do this for, hey, me or you?

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