So, I got invited on another epic 'once in a lifetime' skateboard and fun tour... It's with Spanky, Ali Boulala, Herman and Charlyn to Barcelona!  I just need to get someone to buy me a plane ticket... I fired off e-mails to Thrasher, Slap, Emerica, and Osiris trying to find someone to pay for it but so far no one is biting... shit... so it may be two more weeks of sleeping all day and Max Fish nights... 

Celebrating America in Battery Park:

Bill, Carrie and Carrie... the poster was on a wall on Ludlow street... apparently Agathe made it...

So it was Leo and Jordan's birthdays, Leo had his party at Sway, Jordan never showed up.  Either Leo has a cult following or a lot of friends I've never seen before, because the place was packed.. 

This guy had some awesome slow motion dance moves... he wouldn't move for entire songs... but toward the end of the night I saw him jumping up and down.  Kinda ewwyer

Yea! Birthday cake!

Holy shit!  Leo is a phychopath!

Andrew WK and the Wolfman!

I've come to wish you an unhappy birthday