These are some digital pictures from the motorcycle trip:

I didn't even know it was possible to wheelie on a Street Bob.  Huey is a beast

Gnarly biker

there were many scenes like this on the trip

also lots of drives with 10 people in the car.  2 in the trunk.

8 in the front

and 10 people in one room

I went off

Danger sporting wood

Lincoln City


this is the place where I yelled at Matt Ball for being a complainer.  We hugged it out later.

Wanted to buy a new gas tank.  How about a wizard lasering his own balls?

or a majestic hoarse

Entering Canada.  Stopping to buy contraband.

Seriously I don't know how we all made it in.  Two missing passports and a few DUI's among us, but they let us in! 

when the power goes out
in the grocery store
you just take, take, take
just take, take, take