Don't wait till the last second to buy a costume or you'll have to wait in a line around the block,
like I did... all this to buy a crappy wig that made me look bald. 

Kelly was somebody from Pee Wee's Playhouse

the saturday night sesh at Lit

Request: a Velvet Undergound song with Nico singing

request: some song from Dirty Dancing

By the end of the night this girl gave me all these note requests:
Le Tigre, Velvet Underground 'White Light White Heat' and 'Sister Ray,' New Order
Dead Milkmen, The Cult, She's So Sensual, Jesus & Mary Chain, Phychedelic Furs, and The Cure.
Make enough requests?

request: Peaches

this night just kept going on and on because of daylight savings, it was starting to feel like
a for real job.

Still running 'round on the flesh rampage - At your age!
Go to Soho, go to waste in the wrong arms

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