It's cold fall weather now... Fall is usually my favorite season, and it would be still if I lived in the country.  But in the cold city without
the changing leaves, it's just a depressing reminder of the long winter to come. 

Eddy got some new frames

Mark and Atiba... they are really just talking to each other

Ako and Jerry... we went to a flea market and a cupcake cafe but my camera battery died...
you'll have to wait until Athena makes a page about it.

then I made my triumphant return to djin Lit

until the cops came and raided the place... I had to turn the music off while 30 cops searched the entire bar.  It was kind of a fun break. 

They looked around for about an hour, then the party started up again

it's really different looking in the booth now

this no flash thing isn't for effect, my flash is broken.  If anyone has a digital camera I can borrow, let me know. 

At Max Fish they have a new game

and bros spent tons of money trying to get everything out.  I guess the claw really works.

well you know that I love to live with you,
but you make me forget so very much

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