I went to Earnest Sewn, so that basically I could get the same jacket my favorite singer has... is that way too fan boy?

Natalie and Carlos helped me out, thanks!

Then to Logan's good-bye dinner.  Sadly he is kicked out of America. 

"we didn't do it"

I'm trying to get to Scotland to visit him.  I am asking Stu and John to come with me to film a follow up episode, hopefully they are down.

Dimitry at the Fish, we have the same scarf...

... he pointed at these girls and said "Sex and the City"

this is almost everyone at work

then to Pratt to Jack's ramp

see those white circles in the air?  I learned on A&E that they are called Orbs and they are basically the ghosts of dead people,
cool that I caught some on film huh?  I notice there are always ghosts where ever its dusty. 

my camera is now fucked up... the screen won't work, so I have to guess if the photo is good. 
Just like the old days of film.

Roky Erickson concert wise?

It was most bromantic

Epic set.  He mentioned Satan in almost every song

Clark just came for the Sexy Singles Auction, he made $5

then to Long Island.  Remember when I had Julien on the show?  Seriously, we don't fuck around.  Gino is the shit. 

The Interpreter, out of the land of the free.
will he hand you his car?
will he hand you his keys?