took a cab over to the Maloof finals

Nugget shoulda made it

Bastien did


Spike was out there shooting for Transworld

Glen was shooting for Skateboarder


 I constantly gravitate over to Theotis asking what he thought of all the skaters... its become a hobby


Suzy and Farmer

heckling or appreciating?  Maybe both?

Bastien after a glorious run including one of his patented fake leg breaks, to "I'm ok... gimmie one more try" to suddenly he's totally fine. 

then, right when they called time, it started pouring.  The Maloof's must have paid the weatherman


Pensyl judged

Van Doren and Robin.  Very dark

Jeweled goblets

I gotta say... the skating was f'ing amazing today.  So many people killed it.  Cole, Torey, Keegan, Malto.  It was some new level shit. 

you may be in a parking lot throwing up your contents
so what, who cares, I know I don't