this night was Marc and Ian's birthday party, it was at their house

Ian and Marc... it was too early to get a real exciting partying photo of them, I was only there for the first hour, so
I had to cram in the blogging.

the dj sets it off

Leo and were supposed to bail to go dj Lit... but Leo was already too faded...

Gavin saw me and was like "let's just get the blog photo out of the way, take the picture"

he was like "you better write a good caption" but this is coming from the dude who writes the "do's and don'ts"
so I'm not sure I can step to that. 

I had to leave so Gavin had the idea of shooting a photo that looked like 5 in the morning

I left Leo at the party and went to Lit to dj the early shift, then he was planning on coming at 1:30, then he'd take over
and I'd go home

Angela and Ricky showed up to start trouble

Roxy and Aron

A note Chad Rose left for his girlfriend at the house the night before

whoa! Leo made it! He didn't dj though... I had to keep at the wheels till 4:00. 

I was looking at this light bulb trying to figure out how to turn it on... apparently it's a panic light that the door guy
turns on in case the cops come... I guess so I'd have time to tell people to put their cigarettes out or something. 


oh, baby, it would mean so much to me,
I know our troubles will be gone,
if we dream, dream, dream for free.

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