This is night one of this page... friday....

At 6's & 8's PJ and Dave were bromanticly djin'

here are Bill's pants and crotch

Alanna and Professor Rydell


night two... Athena and Andre made cup cakes... it is Manute's birthday... 

DJ Teenage Unicorn at Lit.

Frank the Tank and Michael

Sean as Axl Rose.

2 Leica's and a pile

Leo and Ben went a little crayjo the other night and gave each other  tons of  tattoos... 

Leo got a lot more that he regrets already and wouldn't show off.  Whatever, they are all awesome
to me.... and I'm sure he'll get used to them soon.
but maybe getting wasted and having a tattoo kit is a dangerous combo.

Here is one of Ben's... one of the best tattoos I've ever seen!


Damien and Andre

Ewwyer vectors and Jake

Manute trying to find the portal

So I drank one it became four... and when I fell on the floor I drank more

Gangster hats... Manute forgot to give his a fresh spray coat... it was covered in bar floor
juice at the end of the night

Mangled... we made him sit cause he was going so sick that we were worried he
was going to re-break his hip.

Happy Birthday Manute...