It was my twin friends Marc and Ian's birthdays... and they had a house party at their
home in Williamsburg.

Me and my twin Alex... people are constantly confusing us... they will say "I saw you at Marquee
last night" and I will have to say, "I was never there, that was Alex"

Twins Athena and Lizzy

Ah, this was hanging on the wall, after it was seen by everyone the chant went up
"mod-el book! mod-el book!"

Marc and Ian used to model, and there has never been as much fun as this.

Oh the joy!  Happy birthday Uber Twins!  Y'all are my favorites!

By the way the whole interweb blogger crew was in effect with digital cameras flashing...
look for cross reference here, here and here.   The Tiny Verte Later'd Unicorn!

Then I left in a cab and found Manute, he was on his own path:

These aren't the gnome shots, that's later.

Then for some reason, twice in one night, I got in a cab back to Brooklyn.  It's a real rarity for me
to leave a few blocks of my house.

Chad Rose came out of a bodega with a forty duct taped to his hand...
I have no idea how that happened.  It was really epicly strange. 

which started something

and I believe a man might do that sometimes out of spite
but Carolyn, a man will do that always
when he's treated bad at home

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