tonight was Marc Razo's birthday...

last night I dreamt I was looking for a new Will Oldham 7 inch
at a record store.
The guy, who works at Cake Shop, was like "I have something really special for you"
he went into the back and brought back a burned copy of the Little Joya single with the song names sharpied on it.
I wasn't impressed, I already have the real one so why would I want a copy?  That's the single that has the strange
instrumentals Prologue and Exit Music (For a Dick), and a photo of WO shaving his head is on the cover... which could be
the significance. But the photograph of the cover was not in the dream. Anyway, he said it was a like a demo or
something, straight from the studio.  

I don't remember the rest of the dream but I do remember that at 3:46AM I woke up screaming....
I was told I kept waking up scared all night. 

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