Times New Viking from Columbus Ohio

this again was probably 4:00AM saturday night, no idea.

Cold Cave

the only machine that made me tempted to lose my days gambling

by sunday this is how much bullshit was on my wrists... Floor, Artist, Over 21 and VIP

that's Pauly D on the balcony, super bro dude

I forced Spanky and the guy from Girls to pose together.  All weekend countless people, inculding myself were confusing them for each other

Chan and Greg

Cat Power wedding!  Chan's friend and band mate Erik and his girlfriend got married in Vegas by an Elvis impersonator...
This was right when they came back soo happy and surprised everyone.  It was very sweet.  Congratulations!

Spanky and my brother Mike killing time before GBV... Spanky had to drink for three

ok, I used to think I liked Yo La Tengo, and maybe I do, but an infinity long set with interpretive dances and rapping standing between me and Guided By made me want
to gouge my face out. 
At some point 4 hours into their set Mitch Mitchell rushed the stage and almost got beat up by Yo La Tengo's sound guy...

this is Mitch Mitchell, he's been a truck driver for the last 10 years, so you can't blame him for being stoked for this show. 

signing beer cups

the club is open!

amplified to rock

somehow Matt Sweeney went from standing right next to me keeping it mellow, to crowd surfing, to onstage duet, in about 10 seconds

I am a lost soul
I shoot myself with rock & roll
the hole I dig is bottomless
but nothing else can set me free