I've been swerving the Fish lately... social anxiety is at a high, but I went tonight, mostly just
to try to keep up with the epicly trife competish. 

Manute, Tino and Frankie did some shots.... what's up with ya'll going to the Superbowl to a
sky-box in the sky or whatever?  Feeling a little left out over here.  Maybe put in a word?
Also what's up with ET (epiclytrife) trying to swoop the exclusive?  Stay in your own timezone.
This is so unfair considering it's four against one... 

Tino in all red gear and three metal hands. 

He borrowed my incredible hat tonight because of some kinda big hair
crisis.  Please don't leave it in a cab like so many other things have been.

Twin photo-g's...
the fish was neat, i'm going back into my shell...

How selfish of you to believe in the meaning of all the bad dreaming

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