They're making a movie about my life... but it's about my future, things that haven't even
happened yet.  This is a scene where I get married in the church in front of my apartment...
Not to nitpick, but I think the girl they choose is nowhere near as hot as the real one is going
to be.

This scene is on 14th at the Veggie Diner, you can see that at least it says I have cards. 

I forget what part of the movie this is, I think the part where I'm really old and alone sitting in
a vegetarian diner thinking about all the things I forgot to do.

I visited Lila at work to see her and Sonic Youth

They had racks of axes

this is a another set

Josh was on the scene

Sonic Youth was spectacular!

On the street Tino and Manute skated by... Manute just got back from San Francisco and is going
to Canada next week... talk about double later'd vectors!

everybody's coming from the winter vacation
taking in the sun in a exaltation to you

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