we went and got Manute from the airport in preparation for our New Year's trip to Mexico

Spanky was like "please don't blog my apartment, I haven't cleaned it in awhile"  I don't know if he was serious, kidding or half-kidding,
so I'm gonna blog it anyway and hope there's not going to be another media blackout.

we sat there and tried to figure out how we were getting to Mexico, Spanky's keys are still locked in the car

Remember like a month ago when he got a haircut in his new chair?  Nobody has bothered to clean up the hair yet.  I think hair
turns to dust over time anyway.

everyone was Blackberry chatting with each other

Yay!  Spanky bought us our favorite hot sauce!

then off we drove

I woke up in the middle of the night and saw the moon setting

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