Ultimate Cory came

Cody Snake under Neck Face

Atiba was on fire

Somehow Ultimate Cory slept during the middle of the raging party.  I can't do that at all

Spanky blowing out berthday candles, good thing Aktiba is holding him there, he definitely looks in danger of falling off

Bob hogs the cake

And Ako catches a shave

Jon Long cashed out

Lee on the ropes

Aktiba taking Curtis down in the tag team round

ok, this is where I would've committed suicide if I could've.  The sun was coming up and the frat party was still blazing in my ear.  Anytime I got close to sleep,
a DMX song was chanted or someone was pissing near my head.  It was hell I swear.

Like full blown music blasting and dudes yelling.   Next year I'm getting a hotel room for sure.  I'm over 30 now so I gotta keep it mellow. 

Ultimate Cody Snake and Braydon kissing in a tree?  No, I'm just kidding. 

reasons to quit the smoke and beer don't do me like before
reasons to quit I cant afford the habit all the time