Manute got a beer opening injury

Meryl got tar on her leg

Manute and I went kayaking

I thought it would be smart to bring my camera

a minute after this photo the Kracken was summoned, the boats flipped, I almost got killed on a rock, and the camera got later'd...
I'm never kayaking again.

Meryl getting the sea urchin splinters out of my foot

zero days

another acoustic guitar photo

we could see the sights in town

cool stuff

tonight is Kevin's Birthday party

cheek pain

then we happened to find the store in the town that had the morrissey stuff

the guy at the place was a big fan and he played Rank for us.  We danced and had our own Smiths night... he also gave us free pictures of Elvis
(I forgot to mention earlier that when we went across the border into Mexico, I said "let's turn on the radio, they love Morrissey here," and
with in 10 seconds, we heard "How Soon is Now"!!  I guess it's true.  

Happy Birthday! 

I know why you're dreaming, 'cause it's the only escape