This is the last roll from the Mexico Baja motorcycle trip.  The video about the trip is watchable over at VBS

Everything was smooth till the last day, 200 miles from home

Keegan rode pretty hairball the whole time and it caught up with him in the end.  He took a huge launch to crumpled bike on a dirt road

bike totaled

Keegan and the helmet that saved him


San Diego

then after 2500 miles, just 20 miles from home.  My sleeping bag dislodged and got sucked into my back tire. 
I was going 80 in the carpool lane on the 5 when I started fishtailing.  I got the speed down to maybe 30 when I actually fell, hence I'm not dead. 

I was super out of it and these guys told me to sit down and got my bike off the road

my shredded stuff

you can't tell here, but everything got sliced up, the nose of my board was a point, and the side of my computer got shaved

Justin came and met me on the way to work and we tested out the bike to make sure it was working, then I rode it home.

I parked it in Spanky's driveway and left it there for awhile.  The damages weren't that bad and I was only slightly injured. 
Out of the 4 bikes borrowed from Harley: Keagan's was totaled, Arto's clutch was blown and had to be towed in, mine was bent up a bit, and Bill's was fine. 
I think we may have ruined it for everyone.  But we got a cool show out it. 

home, sort of

I swapped my innocence for pride