After some of the people left Florida I moved my location over to Charlyn's
house.  I arrived and we played many games of  exquisite corpse. 
Maybe I should type some of the results out, they are amazing.

then we went to a bar...

Tino lights Anne Laure's duffer

Alain and Cama are here from NY as well.

and Reda!

It seems like every bar we've gone to on this trip had a skate video playing.
The bar the other night had "Useless Wooden Toys" which was really fun
to rewatch.  This bar had the Emerica video, which made Kevin feel like a
tard.  I'd like to say I hate it when they play skate videos just because I go
into brain jail mode and watch the TV instead of talking to anyone. 

For dinner we had Nobu...

Kevin with David Cassidy hair

...then back to the Karaoke spot

I made a miserable attempt to sing a song.  I was thinking I needed to try
new things. 

note to self: don't try new things

This is as drunk of a photo as you will ever get of Jerry.  He can be as wasted
as humanly possible and he acts just as sober as always. 

Kevin on the other hand goes crayjo

Kevin says these photos with his hair like this are not material, sorry, I hope
I'm not breaking bro code. 

 As a verse drags on like a month drags on, it's very short, but it seems very long

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