Mimi was still sick and she wouldn't eat... I had to feed her with my finger

my sick little animal

then I flew back to New York...

...to screen the Cardiel Documentry I made at the Tribeca Grand.  This is sound check.

and picture check.

maybe I have had a change now that I have a dog I love very much...

but I keep seeing otherwise intelligent women in New York wearing fur.
Not like weird uptown 70 year old rich women... but girls our age that
you would think would have better taste than that.
It makes me so angry... if you are one of those people,
I challenge you to watch this video all the way through

or any of the other horrible videos just like it (I just gained respect for Trent Reznor)

I think you should at least have the guts to know where it came from
just in case it hasn't occurred to you