Alex Olson picked me up in his new car and took me to the Alien video premier...

No industry event is ever complete without Boosh in a wild t-shirt

My old roomates and I reunited

Beagle with an extra thumb

Chris and Rebecca

John Burton or someone came out and gave a keynote address before the video

I was taking photos of the screen until I saw a security guard try to grab Tyler's Iphone, so I stopped

Ave has always reminded me of Kreese from Karate Kid

SOTY 09 right?

Heath watched from his loner perch

who's in this photo?  Sheffey, Dressen, Scott Oster, Thiebaud, Malto, Mikey Taylor, Steve Lee, among others...

Two bros agree... great video!

A little post video no homo

find deep within the old memory coat
a cricket bag you ate from
its sweet smiling apology