Humberto dj'd at Santos

Richie Jackson and I.  I have never met him before but he came up and hugged me.  Odd, but I like him.

these dudes

Justin Strubing on his birthday... I remember seeing him on my 21st birthday... I was wasted at the Kilowat and I saw him and I was like "Strubbbsss"

which was an inside joke me and my friend had about this guy who whenever we were watching a skate video together, if he saw
a skater on the screen that he knew he would say some nickname for the person to imply closeness.  Its like skate video name dropping,
I see it happen at skateshops all the time... "oh shit, Da Butcher!' or "Yea Bainesy Spice!" anyway, so this guy did it one time when Justin came on the screen,
and basically I saw justin at the bar and yelled "Strubs" to my friend, and we both died laughing, I mean it was my 21 birthday and I had been drunk for
a week so far.  We thought it was really funny, Justin didn't get it and probably thought we were retarded. 

then I walked into a room and was handed a balloon full of helium.  Not sure if its zero days but I did it

I saw Miriam and her flowers and in a squeaky voice I was like "Happy Birthday!"  and everyone made fun of me because it wasn't her birthday...
it was her bachlorette party

complete with strippers

I've said this before now you said I was childish and you'll say it now
Remember what I told you "If they hated me they will hate you"