The other night was Juliana's birthday.  I luckly swerved a dinner with her family and instead had
to dj a Vice party that looked like this:

Meet the Fockers or meet these fuckers?

Then I dj'd at Morrissey Park with Elvis and Kelly... do you know why I dj so much?  Not to be
cool or on the scene or whatever... I do it to pay bills... if I can throw in some tunes I like and some
bro seshes on the occasion so be it. 

Manute and Jon came

this photo of Camille is fun for those people in the background

Lauren and Merks

Liane and Charles... P.S.  I learned tonight that Charles knows everything there is to know about
Joy Division. 

Liane with cards

she'll put her arms around you and squeeze with all her might
she'll breathe a sigh and pucker her lips and pull your arms real tight
your heart will pound like thunder, you'll melt in her embrace
but when you go to kiss her well she'll laugh right in your face