Sean of the Dead and Mom celebrating Mothers Day

Breakfast meeting with the bros tallying up the casualties from the night before. 
Dods slept in his car outside Sin-e and woke up to a dude in his car pointing a gun at him.
The guy made him drive around and get money. 
Little Ricky hasn't been heard from. 

I DJ'ed again for Winnie's birthday,
She wanted me to go heavy on the Smiths which is ok with me,
I just sat in the booth and hit the 'Panic' button:

 adolf hitler. the dentist. terry & june. fucking bastard thatcher. scouse impersonator. silly pathetic girlies. silly pathetic woman. macho dickhead. bonnie langford. neighbours. lost keys. phoney friend. ungrateful accusing mate. the royal family. stock aitken & waterman. smiling judas. heartbreaking lying friend. myra hindley. acid rain. stinking rich female in furs. disloyal lover. wife & child beater. drunken abuser. racist. bully. the sun newspaper. aids inventor. leon brittan. all nonsense. massive massive oilslick. jimmy tarbuck. loneliness. cancer. hunger. greed. gut wrenching disappointment. evil gossiping fashion bastard. tasteless a&r wanker. hard cold fish. overdraft like a mountain. the jimmy swaggart show. the tory invention of the non-working class. poll tax. commie bashers. mister jesse helms. hillsborough. weird british judges. apartheid. john lennon's murder. anyone's murder. the breakdown of the nhs. the death of the rain forest. heysel stadium. rednecks. rape. homelessness. the all-american way. clause 28. tiananmen square. sexual harrassment. nelson mandela's imprisonment. nancy's term. ronnie's term. miscarriage. where were you?

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