I woke up to this text message from Manute:
"I have epic impromptu bro/lemmy scenarios to propose to u"

But before I could get to the center of the bro/lemmy scenarios I saw Ynot randomly on the street.

I vectored to Manute and Tino's and we got into proposals involving vehicles and gear shift
abilities... basicly the vectorabilty of seeing Motorhead in Sayreville New Jersey. 

In field trip fashion here is Manute's bed.  Kinda epicly ewwyer. 

Tino's bed spot area...

Brandy Rhodes offered to drive and the seshwaswon...

with Randy Rhode-sodas!

We actually got pulled over on the Garden State Parkway and it may not have been the best
time inventory-wise.  But we told the cops "Look, we're just trying to find Lemmy, you don't
need to see our identification..." and they said "we don't need to see your identification, move

At the show Manute vectored us up front to 'stage left' or what we thought was going to
be "stage lemmy."  Meaning the Lemmy/Duff side of the stage. 

Corrosion of Conformity opened up and it was epicness...

This dude had COC setups... but later'd himself by claiming some claims about Motorhead
being less epic than said opening act. 

oh and then, no big deal...

We all pale in comparison to the most epic man ever born... you know he used to roadie for Jimi Hendrix?  You know he's 65 years old?
(added: new information places him at 59)

the stations of Lemmy... total carnage


Lemmy Kilmister exiting the stage...

they were supposed to play a 45 minute version of Overkill but they never got to it
because the Shogun's Decapitator decapitated the drummer. 

I thought that I was living out the perfect life
But in the lonely hours when the truth begins to bite
I thought about the times when I turned my back and stalled

I ain't no nice guy after all

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