This is sort of a random page of pictures. 

At Winnie's house they had a humane mouse trap set up...
there was a string attached to the glue stick.

Ben had the string to pull if the mouse happened to crawl under the pot to nibble
the assortment of cheese.  We partied around the trap and waited for the mouse to show
but it never did. 

This is Lucian at Autumn checking the TF skate conditions...  I should
have him do the TF reports for me. 

There is a house on 4th street called "19th Century House in Mourning" 
They set it up as if somebody had died in the 1800's. 
In times of mourning they would cover a floral wreath in black crepe
and hang it on the door... a dreaded sunny day. 
Inside was a great exhibit of dark things. 

"Ere long done do does did"
(Some dizzy whore, 1804)

Bro's showed up... there's Weibs and Hon Jon

Jon had an autographed 'Tino Is My Homeboy' shirt. 

brosephs with Jon's dad, Leland.

pile vectors

Leland, I think you've had enough!

Thumbs up immediately!

Tino and Nate

I went over to Lit for the Saturday night deal...  Jessie was in BMX gear.

You said I was ill and you were not wrong

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