this is now the third page from one evening, from the Morrissey show to the after-party

"look, it says 'eat me!'"  

these bros were already piled out

not us!

Happy Birthday Ben!!!

My flight was at 7 something AM so I figured I'd party through the night

what's his excuse? 

Leo was new levels cray....

it was Morrissey night so we sang along and requested obscure choices

a little gaysted?

i guess that's calling the kettle black

hug... necklace conjoinment

peace sign much?

then back at the room we woke Brian up

Leo couldn't get the mini-bar open

so when Kimble came up to shut us up because of noise complaints he had him open the bar

then I went to the airport

I say sorry
I say bye bye
I say miss you
I say cry cry

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