for my midnight birthday gift, Brenda and Jennie gave me a black-eye...

At the Fish it turned twelve and I turned twenty fuckin eight....

Tino wears his Jäger-lei

Harry shaved his head.

Then me and the crewseph made our way to Sway.  

Brian was thrilled.

Tony Farmer was back in town shredding!

Chris Bollen and Manute's metal hands

Boaterhead's chewed gum wall art

Yeah, all these people are like my cousins and shit

Shelly and Mark epic'ing.

Ryan is back from hiding in his room or something


Man-Alive eating flowers and dancing on the table "Weeeee!"


Ben, Meryl and I dance-fest'd until 4:30AM...

I vowed I wouldn't go home alone on my birthday and I didn't!

Me and Ben went back to his place to resume some sticking and poking we began months ago...

I hate dawn because it conjures up dark memories

 so, I'm changing my plea
 and no one can dissuade me
 because freedom was wasted on me

 see how your rules spoil the game

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