Deakin from Animal Collective's show was the start of 6 nights in a row of concerts for me.  I could have made it more nights but I slept through Crazy Band at
the Smell, Abe Vigoda somewhere and Belle and Sebastian in the cemetery.  I will work harder next time.  But Deakin was an amazing start, he was great. 

Then I saw Pavement at the Hollywood Bowl, they are way less popular than they used to be.  After they played, No Age and Sonic Youth performed

Randy brought his family to the gig

No Age nailed.  I forgot to take pictures of Sonic Youth, just audience hi-jinx

Chlo and Bryce


Danielle and Beth


Frankie and I

K-lo... last man sitting


Frankie goes to Hollywood (Bowl)                                                            (dumbest caption in the history of my site)

you've been chosen as an extra in the movie adaptation of the sequel to your life