We had a giant contingent of bros and brossettas going to Miami for New Years.
I heard Tino had even bought himself a ticket...  getting Tino to leave Max Fish is
like getting the Jews leave the Holy Land.   So if even Tino motivated out of the LES
I figured I should too.  We flew on the same Jet Blue flight to Ft Lauderdale.

But we didn't know where we were staying, we hadn't even really thought that out...
We vectored to Jerry and Devindra's room first!

Bro's! let us crash! Owwww!  But Jerry's GF has kind of a sleep disorder, so we figured
we shouldn't really stay. 

Then we tried Dill, Bill, Lesley and Alanna's room....

Owww!  Par-tay! Tino moved himself into this one!  Now it's five people! What a family!

Dill drank all those bottles of wine, and guess what?  Passed out WAY before midnight!

I went over to another room and watched the ladies gear crisis their festive outfits...

Sevs and Alanna trying party looks out.

Tara taking an adviser-like position.

Then we went to this total Wild On E shockfest party at some hotel...

There were like people on stilts, people breathing fire, a guy on a unicycle, and whatever else.
It was ewwwyer but awesome.

Happy New Years!!!

See Jerry's shirt that says "uzi does it"?  He got it in Israel... he got me one with two
AK-47's crossed and a skull and it says "Guns 'N Moses" 

There were so many ewwyerweird girls and dudes... I think they are probably the normal
ones and we are the maladjusted.  I wish I had more photos of them but then I'd feel like
fashion police, which I hate.  But still, so many shockers everywhere.

Seshwon, the sesh is so won in '05!

Then in this dark, unglitzy, whatever, not even crowded bar, the karaoke guy was like
"For the next song we have Mary Kate, Ashley, and John coming up to sing 'Jessie's Girl'"

So then the fucking Olson twins and John Stamos get on stage with some of their crew and start
Karaokeing.  How kinda ewwyer is it that they are singing Jessies Girl?  I took this photo and
then their bodyguard gave me a look of death.  Tara says I should sell this to the tabloids for
some money, but you know, that feels kinda darkside to me.  What do you think?

Not so interesting side-note; my first concert ever was The Beach Boys after a Cincinnati Reds
game and John Stamos was the drummer. 

but the real celebrity sighting of the night was Kevin "Spanky" Long showing up crossed
dressed with a black eye! 

France's Anne Laure too

Dill made it out of bed finally and Matt Creed randomly showed up...
plus it looks like there was a bug on the ground

but then these 10 dudes showed up in giant white t-shirts and were booing people off the stage like
they thought it was Night At The Apollo... I hated them for awhile, but then they
sang Thriller and that was kinda awesome. 

Ok, Happy New Years Everyone!  See you soon!

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