Curtis and Jav at work

Justin at Huey's work...  Huey's been helping me with motorcycle repairs.  Spanky has loaned me his bike, and I'm trying to tighten it up.

then at the Deathbowl premier, Buddy tries to keep a straight face while getting interviewed by the Melch

Bob and Gilley


the security tried to take my Pirate's Booty away so I hid in the bushes... it was still there after the show

Kessler at the after party

then at the Cat Power/ Nick Cave show... here's Dana.  We were in Chan's section. 

blurry Theo and Maximilla

but at every concert there's someone that's bent on ruining it... these ass clowns some how snuck into the seats behind us and made it their mission to bother everyone
around them, it was the worst.  They said they worked for M____ M__ and got their tickets for free, so they were obviously not Nick Cave fans, and didn't mind ruining
it for us that are fans.  The dude in the Hollywood shirt (which proves what a douche he is) kept touching me and saying gay shit in my ear.
They were even getting in the girl's around us faces.  It was so bad that everyone around us ending up leaving.  
Anyway, I have a vendetta obviously.... it was obvious they were drunk, but what I say is: "if your a bad drunk, don't drink"

The air grows heavy. I listen to your breath
Entwined together in this culture of death