Sunday was supposed to be my big day to shoot skate photos of the legendary Pat Duffy... J-dog had been calling me for a month "I'm going to be in town with Pat so I hope you're around to get some photos!"  Epic!  What a score!  Too bad fuckin Reda swooped in on that shit and I was left with Jake Palu- a hung over half-life type that I've only ever heard of because he's one of my friendsters... it was epic though... a fun day. 
Jake gets a F for effort!
"What, you're out of un-turkey clubs!" J-Dog at Kate's Joint.
The only skate photo of the day! Hammers!
So on to night two with the Elph camera situation... I took it to Max Fish
(stranger things have happened).
Tino with a Bud and a shot of Jager'
Tino and Sally getting all wasted and shit... 
Then we went over to Piano's to see Mike Fellows's band.  Mike plays guitar for Will Oldham sometimes.  This is Carrie and Kieva.
I take this random photo of Tim Barber and look what pops up in the background!  This is a total coincidence.   Tino, is that a hickey behind your ear?
Holy Shit!  Pat Duffy!
back to the home slice...